How Often Do Australians Mow Their Lawns?

With a change in the way people live, mowing lawns have become somewhat of an interesting topic with thought-provoking results relating to how often people choose to mow their lawns. It’s not surprising in an era when people are working harder than ever, that lawn mowing can sometimes be overlooked, to the detriment of a beautiful garden landscape.

Australians, 21% choose to mow their grass approximately every 1 or 2 weeks, normally when the lawn begins to show signs of growth. A popular choice is hiring a professional to cut the lawn and alleviates the hassle of having to cut the grass yourself. 19.7% of the lawn owners in Australia find this a choice that works for them.

A tinier number resort to cutting the grass themselves, but only when strictly necessary. When grass reaches a height where it can become hazardous or unsightly, 16.6 % will reach for the mower.  A large 11% find the time and inclination to cut their grass once or more per week, with 1 in 5 paying someone else and the younger millennial generation making a strong contribution to lawn upkeep.

Queenslanders cut their grass the most, with South Australians pulling up in the last place for lawn upkeep. And whilst Tasmania and Victoria hold the place for most rainfall, they don’t hold the winning position for most frequent grass trimming.

Having a beautiful lawn can be a real showstopper, join the Queensland winners and keep your lawn looking a picture all year round.

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