The Importance of Sustainable Gardening

What is Sustainable Gardening?

Sustainability is a word that should be on every gardener’s lips. Sustainable gardening is a lifestyle with far reaching positive consequences for the garden and the environment. There are many beautiful choices one can make in order to practice a sustainable garden lifestyle, each one adding up to a macrocosm of gardening positivity.

How Do I Garden in A Sustainable Way?

There are many easy possibilities when changing habits and living more sustainably.

Some sensible choices include:

  • Grow native plants, fruits and vegetables that are particularly suited to your specific climate and growing season. You’ll stand a much better chance of creating a healthy plant if you grow in tune with the weather and environmental factors that surround you.
  • Compost your organic matter. Compost that is created using organic leftovers, especially bits and piece endemic to your particular area will materialise into wonderful, healthy sustenance for your garden. Seeing waste break down to create a rich mix of nutrients for your plants is a very satisfying outcome. Your plants will thank you for it.
  • Use age-old practices of traditional ways of gardening from the past. Avoiding toxic chemicals, sprays and modern dangerous ways of controlling garden problems means the integrity of how sustainably created your garden is will be compromised.
  • How about seed saving? Instead of buying chemically treated seeds each year, consider buying some heirloom seeds from which you can harvest seeds for the following growing season.
  • Design your garden to follow permaculture principles, whereby the gardener follows and utilises features seen in natural ecosystems=, where everything connects seamlessly.
  • Find a way to conserve water. Can you add a water tank to your garden? Or how about sensibly organised containers. Could you find a way to use grey water There’s so many watery ideas.
  • Think local. Can you grow in conjunction with other locals? Can you swap produce and involve the local community? Could you have a local food-fest or seed-swap? How can you make your street or suburb a place where people come together to make more of the natural environment, to see the intrinsic value in nature as it should be?

Sustainability should be the norm. Where everyone can get back to basics, see nature for the bounty and beauty it presents, whilst eschewing the toxic lifestyle that has become the norm to the detriment of ourselves and our environment.

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