How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Gardener?

A lot of lawn and garden owners want to keep their lawn or garden looking beautiful, but not everyone has the time or energy to do it. Hiring a professional gardener could be a nice solution for those who have been neglectful, been away from home for an extended period, or just been too busy. It’s important to note that by hiring a lawn mowing or gardening service, you are eliminating the cost of buying your own mower and equipment and saves you from having to pay for maintenance.

Hiring a gardener for your garden might sound easy, but you might wonder about what to expect to pay a professional. A skilled gardener can offer much more than watering, mowing and weeding. At Dylan’s Mowing, we can provide you with an upfront quote and fixed rates.

Upfront Costs vs Fixed Rates

We provide an up-front premium service cost starting at $70 for lawn mowing, edging, and a blowdown of concrete areas to finish it off in sparkling fashion.

For our gardening services, we charge an hourly fee of $70. This covers services such lawn restoration, weeding, pest control, water systems, plant selection and much more. We like to discuss with our clients what their end goal is and suggest ways to bring the best out of the gardens and lawns. There’s not much we can’t do in the garden. So if your garden is needing some TLC or you are preparing to put the house on the market, contact us and we’ll get you sorted.

Up-Front Quotes Based On Satellite Imagery

To make things as transparent as possible, we are one of the only companies that can give you an up-front fixed cost on these services over the phone. We’ll check out your areas that need mowing and edging via satellite imagery based on your location and give you a cost – no hidden surprises! For larger properties, we like to visit the site and meet the clients and give you an on-site evaluation.

What To Expect When Hiring Our Team

All of us at Dylan’s Mowing have been mowing lawns for years now. We’ve always prided ourselves on our work, whether it be mowing, edging, gardening, and making your lawn look the bee’s knees.

Our customers are loyal to us, and we are loyal to them. This means when we are tasked to making your lawn and garden look the best, we are in it wholeheartedly. That’s why we take on clients that trust us in doing the job right and keeping it up.

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