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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Gardener?

how much does it cost to hire a gardener

A lot of lawn and garden owners want to keep their lawn or garden looking beautiful, but not everyone has the time or energy to do it. Hiring a professional gardener could be a nice solution for those who have been neglectful, been away from home for an extended period, or just been too busy. … Read more

How and When to Fertilise Your Lawn

How and When to Fertilise Your Lawn

Fertilising your lawn is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn. This can be a few times a year, but the recommended amount would be once in Autumn, and once in Spring. Fertilising in Autumn can help to protect your lawn during the colder months of Winter, while fertilising in Spring will help to … Read more

The Benefits Of Using Mulch In Your Garden

The Benefits Of Using Mulch In Your Garden

Garden size ranges from small to large, and their purposes can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Flower gardens are quite popular because they add a sense of aesthetic beauty to any property. Vegetable gardens, which may be less attractive to some people but have become more popular in recent years due … Read more

A Season-By-Season Guide On How To Care For Your Lawn

A season-by-season guide on how to care for your lawn

Australians know how severe and extreme the seasons can be – from frosty winters to scorching summers. Keeping your lawn happy throughout these seasons is crucial to maintaining a healthy and happy lawn. Soil types and weather conditions vary greatly across our beautiful country, so knowing what, when, and how much attention your lawn needs … Read more